Emily Misura (also known as Stringing Him Along) is Toronto’s luxury violinist. Though she did the whole classical musician thing and got a degree in violin performance, she has extensively collaborated with bands, DJs, rappers and singer-songwriters. She has shared the stage with famous names such as The Who, The Eagles, Weird Al Yankovic, Drake, ELO, Chris Carrabba, Michael Bolton and Machine Gun Kelly; all those names are great, but why not add yourself to the list? She won’t discriminate, nor will she bite (even though she is the human version of a Pomeranian – compact but ironically feisty.)
No venue is too small or too large. She has performed at some of the most well-known venues in North America including Carnegie Hall in New York City (when she was only eighteen) as well as in your mom’s backyard. (Your mom has some beautiful rose bushes.)
She has performed with ensembles of all sizes, from Mannheim Steamroller and Rocktopia to just you… maybe it’s only in your mind right now, kind of like a Christopher Nolan movie, but not. You could incept yourself and make it a reality today by booking her! Take that, Hollywood.
One of Emily’s favourite places is in the studio. She records regularly and has been credited on numerous albums in a variety of genres. You can hear her on albums by MAE, Surferblood, Tides of Man, Goodnight Neverland and The Holy Gasp. She recorded her own musical comedy album because surprise! She also got a Bachelors degree in music technology. We weren’t kidding when we said she is all over the place – but in a cool, hip way rather than a you-have-no-direction-when-will-you-get-a-real-job kind of way.
She also can play by ear and improvise, meaning her song catalogue is next to infinite. She alternates between electric and acoustic violins from a collection that is ever-growing. Want to hear “Méditation from Thaïs” and Rihanna in the same performance? You’ve found your violinist. Want to hear “Concerning Hobbits” and the solo in Freebird? (Who wouldn’t want to hear that, tbh) – WELL NOW YOU CAN.
When she isn’t wheels up or on tour, she enjoys calling downtown Toronto her home.




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