Behringer MPA40BT-PRO PA

  • All-in-one portable PA system with full Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 12 hours of battery power
  • 40 Watts of powerful, high-quality sound for audiences of up to 250 people
  • Perfect for smaller indoor cocktail hours, weddings, corporate events, etc.; can be used for more intimate outdoor events

Sennheiser ew 100 G3 Wireless System

This wireless system has amazing clarity. The system is pre-configured with 21 banks and 12 preset channels each, however the channels can be reconfigured with any of the available 1680 frequencies within the 42 MHz range.

  • 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception. Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies

  • Adaptive-diversity reception for high reception quality

  • Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 12 compatible frequencies

  • Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when transmitter is turned off

D Debra Audio Pro Portable Recording Mixer

  • BLUETOOTH: This portable 8-channel DJ sound controller has Bluetooth for wireless streaming. The wireless range is 15 ft
  • 6-CHANNEL MIXER: It has 1 1/4’’ (L/R) monitor outputs, 1 XLR(L/R) stereo output, 6 XLR & 1/4’’ microphone inputs, 1 pairs 1/4’’ mono + stereo,1/4’’ FX send and 1/4’’ headphone jack



D Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3

In-ear monitoring set: ear-canal phones with various ear-fitting pads, adaptive diversity receiver for high reception quality. Remote-controllable via “Wireless Systems Manager”.

Hear better, perform better. Sennheiser monitoring systems are trusted by professionals worldwide and now are better than ever. Featuring an adaptive-diversity receiver, the receiver pack uses the headphone cable as a secondary antenna for flawless reception. Ear-canal phones, with various ear-fitting pads for an individual fit, reproduce the signal from the adaptive diversity receiver precisely and faithfully. Pass-through outputs allow easy splitting of the input signal to travel to other devices. Lastly, the entire set can be monitored and remotely controlled with Sennheiser’s “Wireless Systems Manager” software due to the built-in Ethernet port on the stereo transmitter.



Emily owns Stradivarius copy circa 1927.  She received a carbon fiber Luis & Clark instrument (which is both!)

She plays primarily on Evah Pirazzi & Thomastik Dominant strings.

Her bow is by Swiss maker Jean Dom Adam. 

She uses both BAM and Gewa cases.


Emily is an endorsed Zeta Artist and plays on a 5-string white Zeta Jazz Fusion.

She also has a custom Aeyra GVS violin.

She uses D’Addario NS310 and Thomastik Dominant strings & Monster cables.

She uses a custom pedal board from West Coast Pedal Board
Model: Flat 24 (12″X24″X4″)
Inputs: 2Tele Style 1/4″ Electro-socket Jack w/Switchcraft
Power Supply: 1 Voodoo LabTM PP2+
Riser: Voodoo Lab Power Supply Riser 

Her pedals include the following:
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb
Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT
Boss GE-7 graphic equalizer
Morpheus DropTune
Hotone Skyline Chromatic Tuner
DeltaLab DD1 Digital Delay
Heavy Empress Analog Distortion
Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Preamp Boost


Emily uses an AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS condenser microphone. This is an excellent choice for both vocals and violin. Want to hear some samples of her remote recordings? Click here.

Her interface is a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo.

She records on a Mac Air using Logic X.